flora 2 Why would a hot-as-hell Latina decide to pursue a career in escorting? Because she has an insatiable appetite for sex and loves variety! That is the case for me, anyway. My name is Flora, and I have worked as an escort since I was 19 years old. I am now 21, and words do not do justice to how amazing the last two years have been. Meeting charming men who challenge me is something a girl like me can easily become addicted to. I love doling out pleasure while pilfering a good time for myself. You don’t mind if I have as much fun as you, do you? When you treat me like a prized possession, I go wild! Every girl longs to feel wanted. We are no different than men in that respect. When we are in our natural state, lying beside one another, the connection we have in our moment is something remarkable. You will not mistake my passion for anything other than genuine because I am a bona fide sexpert with the skills to make you a revived man. You will want to call me back, and ignore the numbers of any other escorts in Jacó.

flora 3 My hair cascades down my back and accentuates my red-hot dance when I am getting us both worked up. Do you want to feel me grinding against you on a public dance floor or alone in your room for a dance just for you? I love to dance. My passionate display of feminine maneuvers brings you to your knees! My curves and are the ultimate eye candy when released from my signature body lace. If you are used to visiting strip clubs, you probably relate to the frustration generated from the “look but don’t touch” attitude. That is not the case when you and I are together. You can look and touch. This sensational body is all yours. You are able to gently run your fingers down my soft curves or be a little less gentle as you pull me onto your lap to feel my weight against your wanting body.

flora 4 All this is turning me on! In my spare time, I pen erotic fiction, with many available to the public in e-book form. Oh, how I love to imagine sexually explicit scenarios involving a beautiful Latina and her latest conquest. I have quite the imagination for titillating scenarios, making me your choice for role-play, if you are into that. Do you like the demure virgin school girl? Or does the stern, commanding nurse quicken your pulse? I’ll be anything you like, and if you just want Flora with no pretend, I ensure a great time since I am a sexual thrill intent on topping your expectations. I don’t stop until you’re blown away and ready for a break. You’ll fall in love with my bedside manner, I promise!

flora 6 OK, time to even the score. You have just learned a bit about me. Time to invite me to learn a little about you! I would love to hear your sexy secrets now that I have shared a portion of mine. I will be your confidant who listens first, then springs into action to make your fantasies play out in real time. Be sure to be creative when requesting customized pampering from this saucy chica! You can be all alone today, or you can have Flora by your side! Which do you think would be more fun?

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