Maya 2 Have you seen many blonde Latinas in Costa Rica? We are more elusive, and way more fun! I’m Maya, and I would love to introduce you to Jacó through my eyes. No matter if we go out together or kick back in your room, I will show you something you won’t find anywhere else in Jacó. My sun-kissed complexion is enhanced by my wide smile, hazel eyes and wavy blonde hair. I am completely shaved in my most intimate place and tan in the nude. I dare you to try to find a tan line on this perfectly petite rock-hard body. I would love to be the girl you call on to love on you in a very caring way. Being gentle is how I begin every encounter. Some men and women like to dive right in and break a sweat within minutes. I prefer luxuriating in our unclothed bodies for a while. I’d like to get to know you by discovering your erogenous zones. Such knowledge comes in handy when we are in the throes of passion. I want to shock your senses by revisiting a sensitive place on your body I have discovered. For some men, this is the nape of the neck. Others shudder when my strong hands grip their inner thighs. Everyone is different, and I am anxious unleash my sensuous touch to discover your secret spot. I’m not telling where mine is…my challenge to you is to discover it all on your own! Are you up for the challenge?

Maya 3 My schedule is demanding as I attend school full time and help out in my parents’ restaurant. My mother has taught me how to cook, and I enjoy it immensely. I find fine cuisine to be a worthy reward. I love meeting travelers who sing my praises upon finishing one of my signature creations. My passion is cooking, and once I am armed with a business degree, I hope to open my own restaurant. I live a frugal life to better the chances for success. Attaining goals isn’t free but is so worth the effort.

Maya 6 Since I live a very modest life, working as an escort in Jacó allows me to do things I would not otherwise get to do. I go to shows, experience fine dining in restaurants my parents do not frequent and meet powerful men who inspire me to one day be equally as great. I adore meeting new people, and escorting is the way I do this. You could say it is my social life, to a point. I’m certain to show you just how much I appreciate our dates by being the gentle lover you crave and morphing into the impassioned lover in total control as I take you over the edge. I’m quiet and mild until we are both wound up. Part of my charm is how I progress throughout the date! By the end, you will be shaking as you are unsure where my hands and mouth will travel next. I am very oral, and love to treat you to the best kind of tongue-lashing! I look like the girl next door, but under the covers, I am anything but!

Maya 4 Are you feeling amorous after reading this? I hope so because describing myself sexually has left me a little aroused. My phone isn’t ringing, so I’ll have to take care of matters myself. You don’t want me to have to do that again today do you? Toys are great, but I’d love for you to give me the real thing!

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